The Newest Wellness Trends in Los Angeles

The typical Californian wellness idea is hiking, strolling in the market, eating gluten-free pastries, among others. But people in LA are more in-control on the latest health trends that will excite the whole world. With the help of glamorous Hollywood stars, these healthy habits are easily being picked-up by their fans.

One factor that contributes to a boom on wellness trends in LA is the availability of healthy foods and lifestyle choices. The city is dotted with restaurants that serve vegetarian and other super to moderately-healthy meals. Aside from food outlets, there are many yoga and Pilates studios, golf and tennis courts, as well as hiking trails.

Anxiety coaches

They are not necessarily doctors but they are lifestyle “gurus” who develop strategies to fight anxiety. These people know exactly how tough it is to live like their patient. They will get involved in the day-to-day life of their patient and will see them at least once a week. Generally, they are young professionals to whom the millennials can comfortably share their thoughts and feelings. They provide unbiased and direct advice to their patients.

Coconut Cult

A Coconut Cult is a yogurt made primarily from coconut mixed with bananas. The hype of this product comes from a report that it has 800 billion live micro bacilli and other active probiotics. This means that if this information is true, Coconut Cult is the healthiest drink ever created. One small bottle of this product costs $25.


You probably have seen StreetStriders roaming the streets of Los Angeles and the South Bay. These multi-functional bikes are safe and effective to use whether indoors or outdoors. It’s a great way to get your loved ones back on track to a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know how it can improve your health, check out for more details.

Enhanced sweets

Up to these days, it is not clear whether sweets are beneficial for health or not. One thing is certain though, people everywhere in the world have their own sweet recipes. However, there is a food revolution in LA where many brands of candies and chocolates are being mixed with “healthy” ingredients that are good for the body. Chocolate bars infused with mushrooms, herbs, vitamins, and probiotics have become common.

Kundalini yoga

This is a type of yoga which involves proper breathing, correct movement, and deep meditation while chanting mantras. The practitioners of Kundalini wears a white hat because they believe that it helps to balance consciousness. After a very tiring yoga class, you will feel that your breathing and concentration have improved. Many Hollywood celebrities turn to this exercise to help them relax and stay focused on their projects.



Why Counting Calories is The Worse Approach

It is not surprising that more and more people are starting to be more aware of their weight. The reasons, however, may vary, as some try to shed those extra pounds to look better, while others do it for health reasons. Take for example the case of 26-year-old Andrea. She weighed 150 pounds at 5’4”, higher than her ideal target weight. To solve her weight crisis, she checked different articles online and followed a program focusing on the low-calorie intake. She reached a point where she stopped eating more than 700 calories a day.

What followed, however, was she lost too much weight for her own good. She dropped to 39kg and her energy levels plummeted as well. The weight loss got her mother concerned, prompting the latter to get her daughter checked by the doctor. There, she was told of a simple truth: just eat healthy and right. Two years after heeding the advice and with a little counseling from a psychologist, Andrea is now enjoying a healthier body at a weight of 54kg.

It is important to note that proper exercise also helps in achieving the ideal body weight. Dr. Suneetha BS, a licensed nutritionist from iCliniq notes that counting the calories that you eat is essentially a good thing. “By knowing how many calories are in the food you consume, you can create a balance between the energy you take in and the energy you use. This, in turn, will help you maintain a healthy weight.” However, she also stressed that one should do so without being obsessed about it.

Calories play a crucial role in maintaining proper bodily functions, notes Kalpana Amin, another dietician based at the Cedar Hospital, Bengaluru. With the young people’s apparent obsession with calorie counting, it is imperative that their bodies are still getting the right amount of nourishment. It is advised that one should start calorie counting provided while keeping track of the micro and macronutrients one is consuming only in certain cases, and for a limited period. These instances include being clueless as to what you should be eating; not knowing how much to eat, when signs of hunger are erratic; when you do not know the ingredients used in your food; and when you eat a lot of processed food instead of fresh, home-cooked choices.

Do not be obsessed with calorie counting if you have a history of bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating. Moreover, if you already eat a balanced diet and you know exactly what you are eating, then you do not need to count your calories as often.